Tourist Vouchers

Basic information on the redemption of tourist vouchers

  1. The eligible person is an individual with permanent residence in the Republic of Slovenia on March 13, 2020:
  2. Tourist vouchers can be redeemed from 19.06.2020 to 31.12.2020 (last night stay 30. – 31.12.2020)
  3. An adult or a person who will turn 18 in the year 2020 is entitled to a voucher in the amount of €200 – an adult beneficiary,
  4. A minor who does not meet the age requirement but meets the condition of permanent residence is entitled to a voucher in the amount of €50 – a minor beneficiary.
  5. Tourist vouchers do not exist in physical form but are electronic as credit in the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia’s eTax system, accessible to each individual, where the voucher balance can be monitored.
  6. Tourist vouchers can be redeemed with tourism service providers in Slovenia only for accommodation or accommodation with breakfast. All additional services (tourist tax, lunch, dinner, etc.) are paid at the hotel reception.
  7. Tourist vouchers can be redeemed in varying amounts with different providers in Slovenia.
  8. The tourist voucher for a minor beneficiary can be redeemed by their parents or legal guardians or another person entrusted with the care and upbringing of the minor beneficiary by the decision of the competent authority (e.g., foster parent).
  9. Tourist vouchers are transferable among relatives up to the second degree (grandparents, parents, children, children of a spouse or unmarried partner, grandchildren), between spouses and unmarried partners, between partners in a married or unmarried partnership, between children and their legal representatives if they are not parents. According to the law, transfer between siblings is not possible.
  10. The tourist voucher can only be transferred once, in the entire value of the voucher. If the beneficiary has already partially used the voucher, the remaining value cannot be transferred.

Forms for payment with a tourist voucher:

  1. Confirmation of voucher redemption (Attachment 1)
    For faster check-in at the reception, have Attachment 1 already filled out. Also, bring photocopies of all persons staying in the hotel.
  2. Authorization for a third party to redeem the voucher (Attachment 2: e.g., a child vacationing with an uncle)
    Before departing for the vacation, as a legal representative or guardian of the child (e.g., mother), you must sign a special declaration (Attachment 2) that your child will use the voucher through a third party. The third party (e.g., uncle, grandmother, aunt, neighbor, various clubs, etc.) must submit this declaration to the reception during the voucher redemption process. The child must have their identification document with them. The third party will fill out only one form (Attachment 1) for themselves and the mentioned child.
  3. Declaration of voucher transfer (Attachment 3: e.g., grandmother gives the voucher to the grandchild)
    Before departing for the vacation, the grandmother must fill out a special declaration of transferring the voucher to you (Attachment 3). You must also have your identification document with you. Inform the reception that you would like to redeem your voucher and the voucher of your grandmother. Follow the instructions of the receptionist. You will need to submit the completed declaration from the grandmother and fill out the Attachment 1 form.
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