Natural Science Educational Trail

Concept and Content: Dr. Jurij Kunaver and collaborators
Trail Description: The limestone Kanin mountain range is one of the most fascinating areas in Upper Posočje, known for its ski resorts and karst phenomena. It is characterized by extensive high-altitude karst plateaus filled with surface karst and glacial features. The largest plateau is Kaninski podi, where we present the geography of high-altitude karst with informational panels along the Natural science trail.

Access to Prestreljeniški podi is via the Kanin gondola cable car from Bovec.

Trail Start: Upper station of the Kanin circular cable car (Bovec) at an elevation of 2,200 meters.

Trail Length: 650 meters
Number of Content Points: 7
Estimated Time for Tour: 1 hour

Content of Tables.

T01  Kanin Mountain Range, Prestreljeniški podi, and the surrounding mountains, sinkholes
T02  Kanin Mountain Range, pasture, mountaineering, and skiing
T03  Rocks of the Kanin Mountain Range
T04a Surface and Underground Phenomena of the Kanin Mountain Range
T04b Glacial Transformation of the Kanin Surface
T05  Flora of Prestreljeniški podi and the Kanin Mountain Range
T06  Fauna of the Kanin Mountain Range