Mangart Saddle

Just before the Predel border crossing, a road leads to a hut from which hiking trails ascend the mighty Mangart, standing at an impressive 2679 meters. Mangart is renowned for its numerous botanical and geological peculiarities. The scenic road is an attractive destination for cyclists, and the nearby Mangart Saddle serves as a picturesque take-off point for paragliders. During the summer, flocks of sheep graze on Mangart Plateau, while in winter when the winding road across the charming sheep pasture is impassable, sledding enthusiasts swarm the area. Torches illuminate the well-maintained sledding track at night.

Due to the unique rocky composition of the soil, a diverse and rich plant community thrives in this area. If you prefer strolling through the flower-strewn foothills of the mountain giants rather than ascending their peaks, the best time to visit is during the alpine spring, typically in July.

Those who pay close attention on the journey might encounter the friendly alpine marmot (Marmota marmota), which has become well-acquainted with the lush grassy hollows and abundant alpine flowers. From the saddle, the Smrekovec-coloured lakes, Mangart or Belopeški Lakes, are clearly visible. Just a hundred or two hundred meters above the highest section of the mountain road is a panoramic spot, from which on clear days, even Veliki Klek is clearly visible.