Bovec graces the northwest of Slovenia. It is a small unique town with iconic houses and small gothic churches. It boasts a myriad of accommodation options and serves as the heart of the Upper Soča Valley. Once traversed by an ancient roman thoroughfare linking Aquileia to Noricum, Bovec gained renown for pivotal World War I battles fought in its streets and in the nearby mountains. It is a destination where the desires of thrill-seekers, nature enthusiasts seeking tranquillity, and those enamoured by the spirit of cultural heritage converge and find fulfilment.

Natural and Cultural Heritage

The aspirations of those in search of exhilarating relaxation, individuals seeking serenity in communion with nature, and those enchanted by the essence of cultural heritage find fulfilment here. This locale, with its distinctive blend of Alpine and Adriatic climates, stands as the meeting point of Slavic, Germanic, and Romance cultures. The untamed and captivating natural surroundings, the richness of local customs and people, along with the cultural and historical landmarks, unveil the vibrancy of this land that captivates with the diversity of its offerings.

Take a moment or two to pause your steps. Allow nature to be your remedy, mending the stresses, anxieties, and the hustle of everyday city life—nature, the ultimate healer and supreme artist.

The Julian Alps, embraced by Triglav National Park, create a grand spectacle of natural wonders. Countless marvels are tucked away in the challenging mountainous terrain, making it impractical to enumerate them all. We will highlight only the most renowned ones that enthral visitors year after year.

In the Posočje region, these encompass the entirety of the Soča River, particularly its rugged source and rapids, the majestic Boka Waterfall, the enchanting Kozjak Waterfall, and the scenic Tolmin Gorges.