Bovec – Kal Koritnica – Čezsoča – Bovec

Route Description:
A moderately challenging circular cycling route in the eastern part of the Bovec Valley. Start from the centre of Bovec and head towards Mala Vas where you leave the main road at the B&R bar, turning left. Continue to the right along the stream through Mala Vas and across meadows parallel to the main road until you reach the intersection with the B4b hiking trail leading to Ravni Laz. At the intersection, continue straight until you reach the main road Bovec – Log pod Mangrtom. Cross the main road, leave it again on the right after a few meters, and continue on the gravel road along the Koritnica River to a bridge, where you turn right across the bridge to Kukč. This is followed by a very steep short climb and then a gentle descent to the village of Kal Koritnica. Drive through the village to the intersection with the main road Bovec – Trenta, where you turn left onto the main road, which you leave after 100 meters at the right turn towards the village of Jablenca. This leads to an interesting descent along a footpath to the bridge over the Soča River. Cross the bridge and climb to the asphalt road. Continue left on the road towards Zmuklica until the end of the asphalt at Štefan. From here, follow the footpath towards Kršovec. After 1 km of a more demanding path, where you may need to carry the bike in some places, you reach a cart track. Turn right onto the track, climbing the slope of Javoršček. After the climb, there is a short stretch of flat terrain, followed by an intersection with a gravel road. At the intersection, you can turn left for a side trip to a viewpoint, 200 meters higher at the landslide on the slope of Javoršček, or turn right and descend to the asphalt road Čezsoča – Jablenca. At the intersection with the road, turn left to the village of Čezsoča and then right across the bridge over the Soča River. Immediately after the bridge, turn left and climb the slope. Turn right, passing the airfield to reach the starting point in the centre of Bovec.