Despite fierce competition for the most beautiful and best fishing area in Slovenia, the Soča river easily takes the lead. Boasting a distinctive emerald colour, white gravel and a meandering course through a verdant valley dominated by snow – capped peaks, the beauty of the Soča takes your breath away, no matter whether you are a first – time or returning visitor to the Soča valley. Fishing in this bluish – green Alpine beauty is a great privilege.

The best fishing strech of the river begins in the village of Soča in the Trenta valley and continues to the town of Tolmin, covering a distance of some 50km. The river can be easily accessed from the road almost everywhere along the way. At several places, it works its way through short ravines.
The fishing season is open from April to the end of October and the only fishing method allowed is fly fishing. The first days of the fishing season in the valley, in places where traces of winter are still present, demand a great deal of patience on the fly fisherman´s part. But when the sun floods the valley for an hour or two, bringing to life the rich world of waterside insects, this patience is rewarded with a good catch.

The Soča trout, freshwater empress of the Bovec area, was named after the Soča River – a magnet for fishermen from around the world. From April to October, many fly-fishing enthusiasts test their luck and fishing skills on the Soča. Many of them get lucky and catch a trophy, but everyone goes home filled with memories of the beautiful landscape, clear water and fresh mountain air.