Zip line – Učja

Bovec Zipline Učja Eco Adventures

Nestled between the slopes of Kanin and Stol lies the inaccessible valley of Učja. Flowing through it is the Učja River, originating at the Carnizza saddle in Italy and winding through the picturesque valley eastward into Slovenia until it reaches the village of Žaga, where it joins the Soča River. In Slovenia, the Učja has carved a narrow and challenging riverbed, creating numerous secluded pools. Cables of varying lengths span the canyon of the Učja valley, offering you a bird’s-eye view of this untouched nature and its surroundings. And that’s not all. More than two hours of fun await you, suitable for all generations.


You will be transported by vehicles to the starting point, which is 9 km from Bovec. Upon reaching the starting point, guides will explain the basics, and then you will test your skills on a 20-meter-long cable in our training ground.

Now you are ready for the zipline. Five cables of different lengths (from 250 to 400m) await you, offering an adrenaline-filled descent and a splendid view at a height of 100-150 meters above the Učja River. The panoramic vista includes the Učja valley canyon, the Globoški Potok streambed, the slopes of Krn with the Kobarid basin, the Soča valley, the Bovec basin, and our highest peak – Triglav.

And there’s more. Experienced guides accompany you throughout the excursion, providing insights into the protected animal and plant species in the Učja valley and its history. The Učja valley is a protected area falling under the Natura 2000 network.


Departures: every day of the week at 10:00, 13:30, 17:00.