On the Sunny Side of Bovec

Route Description:
A mildly/moderately challenging circular cycling route along the northern outskirts of the Bovec basin. Starting from the centre of Bovec, head towards the village of Plužna. Just before the church of St. Urh, turn right and go uphill, passing the sports field, until you reach a right turn onto a dirt road. This leads to a steep, short climb to the Rusc barn. Continue straight to the intersection with the road leading to Plajerjeva Skala. Turn right until you reach the next intersection, where you begin descending on a concrete road. At the crossroads with the road leading to St. Lenart, turn sharply right and descend to trails B4 and B5 just above the main road Bovec – Log pod Mangrtom. Turn right and cross the meadows to reach Mala vas and continue to the center of Bovec. Along the way, you can make a side ascent with your bike to the viewpoint at Plajerjeva Skala or to the church of St. Lenart.