Bovec – Plužna – Čezsoča – Bovec

Route Description:
From the centre of Bovec, head towards the village of Plužna on the main road. In the centre of the village, turn right at the fountain and cycle to the Plužna hydroelectric power plant reservoir. Continue along the lake and then along a concrete canal to the first pole, where you turn left. This is followed by a short, more challenging descent to the bridge over the Glijun stream. Cross the bridge, and after 100m, you reach an intersection where you turn right, crossing the bridge over the Ročica stream and passing the golf course to the main road Bovec – Žaga. Turn right and follow the main road to the Čezsoča turnoff, where you leave the main road and cross the bridge over the Soča River. On the other side of the bridge, turn left onto a dirt road and follow it to the village of Čezsoča. Continue straight through the village on asphalt to the intersection for the hamlet of Jablenca just before the Vančar Inn. At the intersection, go straight, and after 3 km on the asphalt road, you reach the hamlet of Jablenca. Shortly after the hamlet, a hiking trail branches off to the left to the bridge over the Soča. Cross the bridge, turn left, and continue to the bridge over the Koritnica River. Cross this bridge as well, and at Camp Toni, you reach the asphalt road towards Bovec. This part of the route from the hamlet of Jablenca to Camp Toni is exposed in some places, so be cautious. From the camp, follow the asphalt road to the top of a short steep hill, where you turn right and cycle through the fields to the bypass road in Bovec at the Church of the Virgin Mary in Polje. Continue straight past the tennis court to the starting point. Along the way, before the turnoff to the village of Čezsoča, you can admire the impressive Boka Waterfall, and near the Plužna reservoir, you can see the Virje Waterfall and the source of the Glijun stream.