The Soča Trail

The Soča Trail is a park educational path that guides visitors through the Triglav National Park along the Soča River from its source towards Bovec. It is the oldest park path in the Triglav National Park, connecting trails and less-known parts of the Trenta and Soča valleys, away from roads and noise.

The Soča River plays a crucial role on this path, serving as the emerald thread that showcases both well-known and lesser-known natural and cultural treasures in the valley. Among the highlights of the Soča Trail are picturesque footbridges, allowing for multiple crossings of the river.

The entire path, leading from the source of the Soča through the Trenta and Soča valleys to the park’s border at Kršovec, is approximately 20 kilometers long. At the park’s border, the Soča Trail transitions into one of Bovec’s walking paths, leading visitors into Bovec. Visitors can tailor their time and purpose by choosing to explore only the part of the path that interests them the most. The path is marked with distinctive Triglav National Park information posts, and explanatory panels are placed at informational points. Additionally, visitors can arrange for professional guidance from the Triglav National Park.

A particularly interesting element of the Soča Trail is the symbol representing the endemic fish species, the Soča Trout (Salmo marmoratus). This species primarily inhabits the Soča River with its tributaries, as well as the Reka and Rižana rivers in Slovenia.