Alpe Adria Trail

Alpe Adria Trail is a long-distance hiking trail that connects three regions on a total of 43 stages: the Austrian Carinthia, Slovenia, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The trail leads from the base of Austria’s highest peak, Grossglockner, through the most beautiful mountain and lake areas of Austrian Carinthia, and in a straight line approaches the intersection of the three countries, Austria, Italy, and Slovenia, at the Three Borders (Tromeja). It then continues to the Adriatic coast in Trieste.

The emphasis on the Alpe Adria Trail is on enjoying hiking. The trail runs in a non-alpine area, and the elevation differences are kept low, allowing for a pleasant hiking experience. Each stage is approximately 20 km long, taking about six hours to complete. As of mid-June 2012, each stage is uniformly marked with signposts. Each stage follows a precisely defined path that is traversable in both directions. Each trail offers at least one attractive culinary excursion point and concludes where suitable accommodation options are available.

Stage 24: Trenta – Bovec

Distance20,9 km
Ascent571 m
Descent736 m
Duration6:00 h
Lowest point394 m
Highest point645 m


Starting from the Trenta Lodge, the information center of Triglav National Park, return to the trail along the Soča Valley, following the river downstream. Cross the main road and continue now on the left bank of the Soča. Walk through forests, meadows, and pastures, passing a massive earth slide. Information boards provide details about the slide and the lush vegetation in the area. The path then starts a steep ascent to a small waterfall, followed by a descent into a small gorge near a tourist farm. The trail leads past another information board explaining the architectural heritage of Trenta, the village of Soča, and the impressive Soča Gorge. On a suspension bridge, there’s an impressive view of the 750-meter-long, 10-12-meter-deep, and in some places only 2 meters wide gorge. Continue towards the Lepena Valley, where the gorge ends. Take a short break at the campsite, observing the confluence of the Lepenca and Soča rivers. Cross the bridge over Lepenca, and now walk on the right bank of the river. The path leads to a larger bridge, with a road on one side and the Soča River on the other. After the bridge, continue on the gravel road along the Koritnica River. When the gravel road ends, leave the hiking trail along the Soča Valley, and you will arrive in the village of Jablanca. Cross the hanging bridge over the Soča River, and the next hanging bridge leads you over the Koritnica River. Pass campsites on a steep but fortunately short climb and reach Bovec.

Stage 25: Bovec – Drežnica ( Kobarid)

Distance24,2 km
Ascent1018 m
Descent938 m
Duration7:00 h
Lowest point272 m
Highest point552 m


Start in Bovec and head past the Church of St. Urh to the village of Plužna. Cross the Virje Waterfall and a small lake. After passing a small golf course, you’ll see Slovenia’s largest waterfall – Boka Waterfall. Cross the bridge and climb the path on the right, leading to another viewpoint on Boka Waterfall. Turn left towards the village of Žaga before reaching this viewpoint. Cross the bridge to reach the village of Žaga and continue towards Srpenica. Cross the longest suspension bridge in Slovenia (63m), Lipuc Bridge. After crossing the bridge, turn right and continue to the village of Trnovo ob Soči, the main starting point for rafting. The trail passes along the Soča River, providing opportunities for rest by the river. In Trnovo, cross the river and enjoy a coffee or other refreshments at the campsite on the other side. Then return to the left bank of the river, climb the hill to the forest path leading to Drežnica, a pleasant and hospitable mountain village.